Credit: Anthony Hayton


Wheelchair Rugby is a fast and dynamic contact sport, with each game requiring a team of officials to control, score and time the games.

There are 2 main roles in officiating: Table Official and Referee.

Credit: Anthony Hayton

Table Officials are court side and have specific roles to focus on throughout the game. Each game requires 4 table officials, each with their own individual roles. The roles are:

  • Timekeeper, who is in control of the game clock, including stoppages, such as time-outs and equipment calls
  • Scorekeeper, who is responsible for documenting all statistics on the game, including goals scored and time-outs taken
  • 40 second clock operator, whose job throughout the game is to continuously reset the 40-second clock every time the ball changes possession
  • Penalty bin operator, who is responsible for managing players who enter the penalty bin due to a foul

A Referee is an on-court official who moves up and down the court keeping up with the pace of the game. Each game requires 2 referees on court at the same time, allowing them to see and control all aspects of the game, including goal scoring, fouls and violations etc.

All six officials must work collectively as a team, communicating information back and forth to ensure that the game is played safely and within the rules.

Officials Educators will be present at GBWR league events, and are experienced and knowledgeable GBWR officials who have been trained to support new and existing officials to progress along the officiating pathway.

Contact us, or look out for upcoming courses, if you are interested in finding out more.

More Information

  • Officiate at the King Power Wheelchair Rugby Quad Nations 2020

    Are you interested in officiating top-level wheelchair rugby?

    We are now accepting applications for officials for the upcoming King Power Wheelchair Rugby Quad Nations 2020.

    Leicester will again play host to the Wheelchair Rugby Quad Nations tournament as 2020 marks the third instalment of this successful event. Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby has announced the return of this enthralling competition in February where the hosts will take on two of the best teams in the world, Australia and the USA. Running from February 21-23, the tournament will be held at the Morningside Arena, with tickets now on sale to see the best players in the world perform on British soil ahead of the Paralympics. Read the full story here.

    Find out more about the tournament at

    Application form

    Please submit your completed application form to by the closing date of 14th January.

  • Introduction to Officiating Course

    Prior to stepping onto the development pathway as either a Table Official or a Referee, everyone is expected to attend an Introduction to Officiating course.

    We don’t have the next Introduction to Officiating course scheduled yet – please email us if you would like to express an interest in future courses.

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  • Membership

    When officiating in wheelchair rugby, you’ll be able to register for GBWR Membership – find out more about how to register for Membership, along with its benefits, and the rules and Codes of Conduct.