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Lord's Taverners Junior Wheelchair Rugby Programme

The Lord’s Taverners Junior Wheelchair Rugby Programme offers an opportunity for young people to play regardless of their level of ability or understanding – find out more about this exciting new programme here!

Can I Play?

Have you got a physical impairment?

Have you got an intellectual or learning impairment?

Have you a friend or family member with a physical, intellectual or learning impairment?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above and are aged 8 to 17 then you can play in the Lord’s Taverners Junior Wheelchair Rugby Programme!

The junior programme welcomes players with a wide range of disabilities – our current GB team includes players with a range of disabilities and you can find out more about the team here.

Interested in finding out more? Find your nearest club offering junior programme sessions here!

If you’re undecided, see what some other players in the junior programme have to say:

The parents also have good things to say!

How Do I Play?

Here you can read up on the full rules of the Lord’s Taverners Junior Wheelchair Rugby Programme, or you can view a quick summary of the rules of wheelchair rugby in our junior programme. A summary of the rules is also outlined below:

  • There are two teams and they play on a basketball court – you have to stay within the edges of the court

  • There are 5 players on each team.
  • Each half is 8 minutes, so a full match is 16 minutes.
  • The team that scores the most tries wins the match.
  • You can score a try by carrying the ball over the try line, which is between the two cones at the end of the court.
  • When your team have the ball they have to score a try in 40 seconds, otherwise the ball is given to the other team.

  • When you have the ball you have to bounce it or pass it in 10 seconds, otherwise the ball is given to the other team.

  • You’re allowed to crash into another player’s wheelchair, but only on the front half of the chair.
  • You’re not allowed to touch another player or another player’s chair with your hands or arms.

  • You’re not allowed to take the ball from a player on the other team.


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