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Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees draws its authority from the Articles of Association, and operates according to its Terms of Reference. Records of Board meetings are included below.

The Chair and Independent Trustees/Directors are appointed by the Board, and Elected Trustees / Directors are elected by the voting members of Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Limited at an Annual General Meeting. Trustees / Directors serve for three year terms of office. For further information, you can access GBWR’s Nominations Committee Terms of Reference & Elections Regulations for Elected Directors.

As part of the Board’s Engagement Strategy with GBWR’s members and stakeholders, an information paper about future recruitment to the GBWR Board was presented to the 2018 Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby Limited Annual General Meeting.

The Board has also established a Governance & Finance Committee to ensure proper financial and corporate governance. Full detail on GBWR’s Strategic Oversight Structure outlines GBWR’s Board and Committee structure.

Kevin Aitchison

Ed Warner OBE

Michael Spence MBE

Mary Daunt

Simon Le Fevre

Andrew Flatt

Margaret Moore

Suzy Christopher

Andy Barrow

Jon Nutman

David Pond

Strategic Oversight Structure

Meeting Records

The Board meets quarterly and a record of its meetings can be found here.