Still high levels of interest

It is now three weeks since the end of the Paralympics but we are still getting lots of emails and calls from people interested in getting involved with the sport. Three potential new players have been sign posted to Marauders and the interest in Southampton has been sufficient for us to work with the agencies in the area to arrange for  6 ‘taster sessions’ to be delivered in Totton. There is also a huge amount of interest in Suffolk and Woodbridge Rugby Club is acting as the catalyst for bringing all of this together and we intend to get something going out of there as quickly as possible so that we can let people try out the game. This builds on our strategy of working more closely with the able bodied game and the RFU. This week we ordered 3 new chairs from a new manufacturer in Wales who has been doing some great work with players from Pirates. It would be great if we could get a GB provider who can produce high quality chairs for us. We have also been collecting unused chairs owned by GBWR so that we can quickly get people trying out the game. Pirates have done a great job in introducing wheelchair rugby to the prisoners in HMP Parc. Perhaps an unusual initiative but a very positive one which has wider benefits than just growing our game. It had a massively positive impact as can be seen from the feedback below from one prisoner:

Prisoner Evaluation “I thoroughly enjoyed the event which I have gained respect for people with disabilities who take part in Sport and they all inspired me to do more with my life. A brilliant event that I was proud to be a part of. I think the wheelchair rugby exhibition is one of the best and enjoyable events I have taken part in as a gym orderly and as a general prisoner at HMP Parc”

This weekend the Development squad come together ahead of the Performance Management Group meeting next week which will select the squad for the Czech Republic tournament in November. Good luck to all who are taking part in the weekend.

David Pond