Congratulations to Japan

We are all having to lick our wounds and face up to the fact that we have lost to Japan at a critical point in the tournament and will not qualify for the semi-finals. We congratulate Japan and wish them well for the next stage of the competition. They played very well against us and in the second quarter of the game created a gap that became impossible to close. This is the essence of elite sport and we will now do our very best in our remaining matches in order to maintain our 5th place world ranking. Now is not the time to review our performance during this paralympic cycle but this is something we will be undertaking in the coming weeks so that we can learn from the experience and determine how best to approach the next 4 year cycle which will end with the Rio 2016 games. At this point all I wish to do is to say thank you to all of our supporters for your cheers and good wishes over the tournament. We must now refocus and deal with the Belgiums who we play in the morning.

David Pond