An extraordinary day for wheelchair rugby

Today was an extraordinary day for wheelchair rugby in general and for GB in particular. I woke to find virtually every newspaper filled with pictures and comment on the GB v USA game and all of it hugely positive and saying what a fantastic and exciting game it is. Who would have thought that The Guardian would have a front page dominated by a picture of Dave Anthony and Aaron Phipps? Or that the Times would carry 3 full pages on the game? and then there was the fantastic picture of Aaron Phipps in the Telegraph. Any sport would be thrilled to have this sort of coverage and it confirms that we have a very marketable product. The day continued with everyone talking about rugby and with everyone wanted to get a piece of it. So fresh from the Cabinet reshuffle , Maria Miller the new Secretary of State for Culture and Sport came to watch the game this afternoon and was soon joined by her Australian counterpart. Then we got ready for the big game tonight which everyone wanted to see. We were joined by HRH The Princess Royal, the Prime Minister and his family and Sir Clive and Lady Woodward – all loved the game and Sir Clive was especially impressed and stayed behind to meet the players. But what of the game itself? It was a tough one with GB and France tied at half time. Shrewd tactical thinking by the Coach led to a line change and the introduction of Dave Anthony who seemed to create an infectious energy that really roused our game and led to us pulling away in the last quarter leaving the final score at GB 57 France 50.  There were also wins today for Canada, Australia and the USA. France had played well and we had to really up our game to get this result so the team will now be focusing really hard on what they have to do tomorrow for the big match against Japan which will determine which team gets into the last 4. We all desperately want this one so that we can have a crack at the medals so keep shouting for us… A great day but a long one and now to bed.

David Pond