Credit: Anthony Hayton

#VolunteersWeek and GBWR

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our sport. It takes a small army of dedicated volunteers to keep our vibrant wheelchair rugby communities operating across the UK.

We were proud to take part in Volunteers’ Week this month, celebrating volunteers at GBWR, how you can get involved and joining in the wider discussion on social media. This blog has been written to help you get involved in this most dynamic sport.

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Credit: Anthony Hayton

Five Reasons Why you may choose to volunteer for GBWR

Volunteers are an essential part of our sport. Without people freely giving up their time to assist, wheelchair rugby would not be able to perform at such a high standard as it currently does. The value of these amazing people and their support is appreciated by everyone taking part in the sport.

Here’s just five reasons why you may choose to volunteer for your local club:
Join a team. You do not have to play wheelchair rugby to be part of your local team. We always need general assistants, transportation help, committee members and mechanics. Bringing your enthusiasm to these tasks will add to the overall success of your local team.

Become part of a vibrant community When you choose to volunteer at your local club you are choosing to support one of the fastest growing disability sports in the world. With the sport comes socials, opportunities to travel to matches hosted all around the UK and some clubs even hosting award nights.

Learn about a world-class sport Being part of your local team will allow you to learn about this dynamic and exciting sport. Since 2000 Wheelchair Rugby has been an official Paralympic sport with over 20 countries competing. Your local club will play matches with the same rules and regulations as Paralympic events.

Earn a professional qualification With an NGB Level 2 qualification available you could qualify to coach wheelchair rugby via your local club. All this could begin when you start your journey with your local club.

A path to international sport There is always a demand for officiating at local club level. If you volunteer in this role you have the long-term chance of becoming a national, European or even international referee.

Sound good? If you wish to volunteer for GBWR or know someone that may be interested contact us.