Tokyo 2020 Ticket News

We are pleased to be able to start sharing ticketing news, and updates from ParalympicsGB about Tokyo 2020.

Paralympic Tickets & Hotels

GBWR is in direct contact with Nirvana who are the authorised agent for Paralympic Tickets. Nirvana will be providing GBWR with the details of tickets and prices as soon as they become available and we will manage ticket purchases on behalf of those members who choose this option. Further details will be sent out and will be placed on the website when available.

Nirvana are also in the process of sourcing possible hotel accommodation for those who wish to take advantage of that. You should be aware though that hotel prices are currently high for the period of the Olympic and Paralympic Games and members may choose to make their own arrangements such as Airbnb.

ParalympicsGB Newsletter

As in past years the British Paralympic Association will be sending out a Friends & Family newsletter – they plan to do this via each sport’s team leader, which in GBWR’s case will be Lee Stutely.

Some of this news will be information already publicly available, and some will be ParalympicsGB specific. Although you may not yet know your plans for the Games, we would love to give all of our Members the opportunity to access any news and information as soon as it is available.

We will hold a database of names and email addresses of all those wishing to receive these updates, and will then share ParalympicsGB’s updates directly, when received.

If you wish to be on this database, please notify by 4th October 2019.