Lee Stutely was introduced to wheelchair rugby when she worked as an Auxiliary Nurse in the North West Regional Spinal Centre, based in Southport, UK. Seeing the impact sport had on her patients’ rehabilitation and outlook on life after injury, she became actively involved with wheelchair rugby.

Initially volunteering as nursing support for the GBWR Development Team in 2006, this led to Lee also setting up a wheelchair rugby club – West Coast Crash – in 2006, which is based out of the Spinal Centre. In 2009 she became part of the nursing support staff to the GBWR Elite Team and her involvement with GBWR has continued to develop in the years that followed.

Since 2013 Lee has worked full-time for GBWR, supporting not only the Elite Team but also the “grassroots” of the sport where she currently runs GBWR’s domestic league competition and events.

Lee is now the Team Manager and continues to provide nursing support to the GBWR Elite Team; Tokyo 2020 will be her fourth Paralympic Games.