Credit: Martin Saych

Spam Emails

GBWR has been made aware that some members and staff have been receiving ‘spam’ emails which contain what look like GBWR or other sport-related ‘subject lines’. These ‘spam’ emails may be sent from an email address which is known to the recipient, when the ‘spam’ emails are – in fact – being sent by a ‘spammer’ who has accessed someone’s email account.

GBWR has checked and found no indication that any of these ‘spam’ emails have been generated from GBWR’s own database or from any of GBWR’s own email accounts.

Further checks have indicated that these ‘spam’ emails are being sent from a number of external email accounts. Also, in some cases, individual members appear to have unknowingly responded to, or forwarded on, these ‘spam’ emails; which may then have given the ‘spammers’ access to more email addresses.

As a matter of your own personal cyber security, please therefore be vigilant. If you have any concern over the validity of an email, it may be sensible to check with the apparent sender before you open the email; and to mark any suspect emails as ‘spam’, via your email service provider, before you then delete the ‘spam’ email.

An example, of how this ‘spam’ email may appear, is shown below: