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Return to Play: Update

We will be publishing resources and key information, on the dedicated Return to Play page

It’s a week since I posted the first of my Return to Play (RTP) notes and in that I said that I would update at 1000 each day if there was any change of significance to report. Although this week the situation in respect of returning to play has not changed we have been continuing to progress plans for when it is safe to resume wheelchair rugby.

Appointment of COVID Leads

Subject to agreeing a final contract I have now appointed a Dr who will act as the GBWR Chief Medical Officer. He will be responsible for helping us to put in place the right measures and checks to ensure the safety and welfare of our GB and Talent athletes as we prepare for RTP. The knowledge we gain from this will also be used to help us shape the guidance we will provide to clubs. In addition I have also appointed the GBWR COVID Officer who will start on 5 July. I will give more information on these positions as soon as we have finalised the details and after the issue of any Sport England guidance which we are expecting soon. A large number of clubs have now provided us with details of their COVID lead. If you have not done so yet then please ensure you forward the name and contact details of your club’s nominated COVID lead to the COVID email: by 21 June 2020. If this presents any issues for you then please discuss with your club RDO.

IWRF Medical Group

The IWRF has formed a medical group specifically to look at RTP issues with the aim of supporting nations with guidance. We will be supporting the IWRF with this work and hope that we can also learn from what some of the other major wheelchair rugby nations are doing to prepare for RTP.


Understandably I am getting many questions about when clubs might RTP. It is clear that RTP for non-elite sport will be governed by government legislation relating to the opening up of sports halls and leisure centres and by ensuring that appropriate measures are in place to risk manage the environment so that it is as safe as possible for individuals to resume play. All of us want to get back playing the game as soon as we can. Equally we all understand that there are many in our community who are significantly at risk by exposure to COVID. As such we all have a shared responsibility to ensure we only return when we are sure the risks can be managed to protect all in our community.

David Pond

Chief Executive