Credit: Anthony Hayton Photography

Racism – What Can We Do?

Over the past weeks we have witnessed the anger and frustration of many across the USA due to racial discrimination and its impact. We have now seen this repeated in many of our own cities, which to be honest does not surprise me because we are not immune to racism and other forms of discrimination in our own country. Writing in the ‘Sunday Times’ the columnist David Walsh recounted his interview with the former world champion athlete, Ed Moses. If you get the opportunity to find the article then please take time to read it. As a white man I found it a difficult and humbling piece to digest. The racial injustices that this man and his family have suffered I found just too painful and it made me realise how little we really do understand about what many in our society experience on a daily basis. We in GBWR pride ourselves on being an inclusive sport, one which welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and experiences, and one which represents the communities we live in. Ultimately it is for all of us to do our bit to help eradicate injustice and discrimination. I am well aware that many of our own community have experienced discrimination due to their own particular circumstances. All of this has got me thinking that we can as an organisation still do more to play our part in helping to eradicate injustice. Over the next few weeks the Board of Trustees is interviewing for up to three new board positions and I very much hope that we will have candidates from a wide spectrum of backgrounds for the panel to select from – it would be great to see even more diversity on our own board.  I am also personally committed to making a more positive effort to reach out to communities who feel that discrimination. We have some incredible role models in our sport who themselves come from some of these communities and I am sure that together by our inclusive actions and our commitment to respect one another we can do our bit to make a difference. We have been talking equality action plans for too long. This has made me realise that we need less talk and more action and we must do more to play our part in helping to create a more just society; it’s just not right to sit back and remain passive, and as human beings we can be better than that.

David Pond