Credit: Martin Saych

GBWR Welcomes New Officials

Simon Starr writes:

Ever wondered what those people sitting on chairs by the side of the court are doing, or questioned why that small clock keeps showing 40 and counting down?

Well, six people who wondered exactly that found out the answers by attending GBWR’s Introduction to Officiating course that ran alongside the King Power Wheelchair Rugby Quad Nations 2019 tournament in Leicester at the beginning of March.

They learnt about the four different table official roles, how the referees work together as a pair, the qualities of a good official, some of the finer points of the rules, all about the equipment needed and how the court is set up from two of GBWR’s most experienced Educators.

Thankfully, it wasn’t a 3 hour lecture but a mixture of elements including the opportunity to go courtside during the Junior game that was running concurrently and the chance to have a go at filling in a scoresheet, during live play. When they returned to the classroom, they discovered it had been set up with game clocks and 40 second clocks, and it was their chance to be the clock operators.

The course finished with the delegates being given a logbook to keep, helping them to record the next steps on their officiating pathway and providing advice on how to get involved as an official at future GBWR competitions. Jo and Kelly put their new-found skills into immediate action by refereeing at Northampton Saints club training session, just 2 days later. Brilliant!

If you are interested in becoming an official, there’s a further training event in Leicester on 23 March. Click here for more information, on this Officials Development Event.