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Member Survey: The Results

We wanted to find out more about our players, officials, coaches and volunteers so we conducted a member survey so you could tell us what you thought about your wheelchair rugby experience.

120 of you responded to tell us how you felt about everything from how you first became involved in wheelchair rugby, what you like most about your club and what motivates you to play, to what things you think could be better and what you would like more of.

You told us that:

  • We have friendly and welcoming clubs – 84% of you rated your club as excellent for friendliness and being welcoming, as well as providing opportunities to meet new people (54% excellent, 38% good)
  • 65% of you said that you thought your club represented excellent value for money
  • People have high levels of satisfaction with coaches and officials in their club

What’s important to you?

In your club experience, your top 3 priorities are:

  1. Training and playing experience
  2. Personal experience at club
  3. Experience of coaching, officiating and management of the club

What we can do better?

You told us that there were some areas that you were not as satisfied with:

  • Competition opportunities You want more access to competition opportunities outside of Super Series and the WR5s Summer League.
  • Social opportunities at your club While our clubs provide opportunities to meet new people you want more opportunities to socialise with people at your club and more variety in the social activities offered.
  • Some volunteers feel undertrained for their role Volunteers want more training and support to do their role.

How are we going to improve your wheelchair rugby experience based on your feedback?

  • New local competitions to start in 2020 New local competition opportunities such as leagues and new friendlies are being set up based on what you have told us you would like in your area. These will run as either WR5s or the Paralympic discipline depending on local need. RDOs have already started working with clubs and will be supporting the competitions to run. We will also be providing competition support packs so that clubs can start to lead their own competition events. While competitions happening will be dependant on when we can start back we are positive that these competitions will be able to happen in 2020.
  • Social opportunities at your club We will work with clubs to look at how we can help improve social opportunities for members, starting with speaking to all clubs at the next meeting of the Domestic Management Group.
  • Supporting our volunteers Over the coming months you will start to see more training opportunities become available. We are going to be focusing on what opportunities we can provide virtually and will be making the Introduction to Officiating course virtual, introducing new virtual coaching workshops and launching a new club support section on the website. 

If you have any questions about the club survey please contact Lauren Templeton, National Development Director at