GBWR Joins the #RainbowLaces 2018 Campaign!

GBWR is joining the #RainbowLaces 2018 campaign, and we’d like our Clubs, Members and supporters to take part, too – join GBWR, Stonewall and Rainbow Laces to help make wheelchair rugby ‘Everyone’s Game!’

The goal of the Rainbow Laces campaign is not about an athlete coming out but giving all those in sport – in whatever capacity and at whatever level – the courage to come out as allies or role models.

Dates for the diary

  • Week commencing 12th November: Stonewall’s National Call to action – ‘It’s Down to You to be an Active Ally’
  • Week commencing 17th November-2nd December: Activation in our clubs
  • Weekend of 15th/16th December: Super Series 2 18/19 Division 3 will be a celebratory event for the launch of our Rainbow Laces 2018 campaign [update: unfortunately SS2 D3 has been postponed due to issues with the venue, and so we won’t be able to use this event to launch our campaign]
Photo credit: Ian Jones for Lloyd’s of London

Getting Started

Whether you are a coach, a player, a volunteer, in charge of social media or a wheelchair rugby supporter, there’s something you can do!

Stonewall offers a few ideas to get you started:

  • I’ll pledge my support in an authentic and appropriate way and share on social media e.g. change my profile photo for the campaign to show support
  • I’ll think about the unique features of my sport and find ways to go beyond just wearing Rainbow Laces to ensure maximum profile, e.g. use rainbow tape on my arms, use stickers on my wheelhubs
  • I’ll help my club to the next stage of LGBT inclusivity
  • I’ll celebrate Rainbow laces 2018 with a particular moment – tournament, match or event
  • I’ll take part in Rainbow Laces 2018!

Key Messages

For more ideas on how to engage with the campaign on social media, take a look at the key messages. These should be personalised and included in any of your social media content. It’s always much better when it sounds like something you would say yourself.
• Make sport everyone’s game: It’s down to you to become and active ally
• Most fans want sport to be everyone’s game: Wear Rainbow Laces to show you support for LGBT people in sport
• LGBT people are part of our club community: Let’s celebrate them, share their stories, and show our support
• Abuse isn’t banter. Be an active ally to LGBT: Challenge slurs and report abuse when you see it
• Wear Rainbow Laces and show your support on social media

Don’t forget to use the official hashtag #RainbowLaces

Find out more about the campaign at the Stonewall website.

If you’d like more support, want to share your ideas or would like more information please email GBWR National Development Director or call 07903 313 481.