Credit: Martin Saych

Club Affiliation

In order to support our growing club network, GBWR has introduced the Club Affiliation programme, by which wheelchair rugby clubs meeting our minimum standards (in governance, finance, safeguarding and other areas) can earn the prestige of being a GBWR Affiliated Club. In meeting these standards for affiliation, clubs will become more efficient and robust, making them more sustainable for the future. Club Affiliation provides an invaluable opportunity to create a professional foundation, with support from their local Regional Development Officer (RDO) to strengthen the club and its processes.

Clubs meeting these criteria have demonstrated a commitment to providing a safe, fun environment for people to enjoy wheelchair rugby in and are instrumental in helping GBWR to achieve its mission to “… lead, promote, grow and support wheelchair rugby for the enjoyment for all”, and demonstrate GBWR’s core values of enjoyment, excellence, trust, respect, inclusiveness and teamwork.


In order to ensure all Affiliated Clubs continue to meet standards, RDOs will work with clubs to complete an annual healthcheck, which will monitor any significant changes in the club and verify that the club is continuing to be well run.

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