Classification: 0.5

Date of birth: 25/04/83

Home town: Chelmsford

Club: London Wheelchair Rugby Club

Disability: Spinal injury

Jonny was injured in a car crash in 2000. A keen footballer, Jonny watched the Sydney Paralympics from his hospital bed. During rehab at Stoke Mandeville, Jonny was introduced to a wide range of Paralympic sports but focussed his attention on Wheelchair Rugby because, as a team sport that allowed physical contact, it came closest to his previous experience as a footballer.

Jonny started playing club rugby in 2001, and in 2002 was invited to go on a World Rugby Tour with the GB development squad. The tour took in San Diego, Sydney, Singapore and Cape Town. In 2003 he participated in the World Wheelchair Games in Christchurch, New Zealand and then went on to gain his first full international cap playing in the 2004 Paralympics in Athens.

Since then Jonny has been a constant fixture in the GB squad. Considered to be one of the best 0.5s in the game, he has won best in class at the 2006 World Championships and in the 2009 and 2011 European Championships. Jonny continued to be in the starting lines at the Rio 2016 paralympics and 2017 European championships.

Now regarded as one of the most senior members, Jonny is a role model to many of his team mates both on and off the court continuing to be an integral part of the squad.

Playing history

2018 World Championships, Australia – 4th

2017 European Championships, Germany – 1st

2016 Rio Paralympics – 5th

2016 Canada Cup – 5th

2016 Paralympic Test Event, Rio – 1st

2015 BT World Wheelchair Rugby Challenge – 5th

2015 European Championships, Finland – 1st

2014 World Championships, Denmark – 5th

2013 European Championships – 3rd

2012 London Paralympics – 5th

2011 European Championships, Switzerland – 2nd

2010 World Championships, Canada – 6th

2009 European Championships, Denmark – 4th

2008 Beijing Paralympics – 4th

2007 European Championships, Finland – 1st

2006 World Championships, New Zealand – 4th

2005 European Championships, Denmark – 1st

2004 Athens Paralympics – 4th