Everyone involved with GBWR is expected to follow the core values of our sport:

Enjoyment: We want everyone who includes wheelchair rugby in their lives, whether as a player, a member of staff, and official or a volunteer to love everything about the sport; the excitement, its contact and the feeling of belonging to a community.

Excellence: Everyone involved will strive to be the best at everything they do.

Trust: The wheelchair rugby family believes in honesty, integrity and fair play.

Respect: People involved with the game and all who come into contact with the sport have respect for one another.

Inclusiveness: Wheelchair rugby is open to anyone who shares our values of the sport. People will help each other to reach their goals; treating them fairly and equally.

Teamwork: All those in wheelchair rugby are part of a team; and part of the wheelchair rugby family.

Our values are reflected in our Codes of Conduct – standards of behaviour all involved with the sport in Great Britain are expected to display: Board Members, Employees, Members and Volunteers. We will only work with partners who respect our values and demonstrate a commitment to them.