Louisa Tempest (Yorkshire Lions)

Dan Kellett (RGC)

Harry Langley (Canterbury Hellfire)

Gemma Lumsdaine (Caledonian Crushers)

Michael Fraser (West Coast Burn)

David Barber (Canterbury Hellfire)

Jamie Shaw (Yorkshire Lions)

Ed Larkin (Westcountry Hawks)

Byron White (Yorkshire Lions)

Josh Waddell (DMP Bulls)

Faye West (Westcountry Hawks)

Josh Tudge (Yorkshire Lions)

In addition to the national coaching sessions there will be monthly Regional Training Sessions (RTS) in regional centres. In addition to those selected above, the following who have been selected as part of the talent pathway are also invited to attend:

Ciaran Pryce (Team Solent Sharks)

Luke Cunniff (Leicester Tigers)

Gary Scholes (Leicester Tigers)

Kieran Flynn (RGC)

Patrick Asher-Relf (Team Solent Sharks)

Luke Wilson (Gloucester Titans)

Andy Guy (Westcountry Hawks)


Conor Murphy- Talent Programme Manager

Darren Matthews – Lead Talent Coach

Alan Ash – Assistant Talent Coach

Adam Simmons – Regional Training Coach (South)

Danny Dawoud- Regional Training Coach (North)

Lee Stutely – Medical