Canada Cup is a competition between some of the top wheelchair rugby teams in the world – Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Denmark and New Zealand.


19th – 21st June 2014


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1st: Australia
2nd: Canada
3rd: Japan
4th: Great Britain
5th: Denmark
6th: Sweden
7th: New Zealand
8th: Switzerland

Best 0.5: Naz Erdem (Australia)
Best 1.0: Trevor Hirschfield (Canada)
Best 1.5: Coral Batey (Great Britain)
Best 2.0: Travis Murao (Canada)
Best 2.5: Ayaz Bhuta (Great Britain)
Best 3.0: Daisuke Ikezaki (Japan)
Best 3.5: Zak Madell (Canada)

MVP: Ryley Batt (Australia)


Richmond Olympic Oval, 6111 River Road, Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

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